Forest City Residential Management Inc.
The River Lofts at Tobacco Row

In the mid-18th century, Richmond represented the heart of the tobacco industry. The city's boroughs were saturated with tobacco farmers, making the banks of the James River and Kanawha Canal an indispensable shipping locale. The area's popularity sprouted, what we call today, Tobacco Row, a string of buildings along twenty waterfront acres used to house tobacco and manufacture cigarettes. These facilities are well constructed, multistory brick buildings, built with strong bones to protect valuable content. Today, this collection of factory buildings has been reborn and represent the essence of Richmond.

The River Lofts consist of the following historic buildings:
Lucky Strike, est. 1871
Kinney Building, est. 1887
Cameron Building, est.1897
Carolina Building, est. 1900
American Cigar Building, est. 1901
Consolidated Building, est. 1925

While adapting the buildings of The River Lofts for apartment living, careful thought was paid to amenity space. Each building has been given stunning lobby lounges, access to pass-time favorites like billiards, and modern features such as media and theater rooms. Great attention was also given to outdoor space. Meandering paths lead the way to a variety of recreational favorites. American Cigar boasts the most serene patio in Richmond, while the stunning pools of Consolidated Carolina and Cameron Kinney provide the perfect spot for a lazy, summer afternoon.

Modern-day Tobacco Row provides the ideal urban playground. The revitalization of such an effortlessly cool neighborhood has Richmonders flocking, as it is now the hottest spot to experience the best in everything local. From neighborhood pubs and traditional southern fare to the coolest coffee bars, it can all be found on Tobacco Row.